Young lady lies to her dad that she didn’t visit night club only for him to send Snapchat proof of her partying hard

A young South African lady has taken to social media to narrate how her dad caught her in a lie after she went to a club at night.

She shared a WhatsApp conversation, where he questioned her about partying but she denied it.

He sent a screenshots he took from a Snapchat video showing his daughter partying at Konka, a popular South African club and asked if that was her, she said no.

The father then shared another picture of her with a friend, this time with a clearer view of her face, and she could no longer lie.

The lady shared the WhatsApp chat with the caption; ‘‘Still thinking about how my dad sent me snaps of myself at KONKA”

She added; ”Just so there’s no misunderstanding; i have a very open relationship w my parents so me denying that it’s me was not me trying to hide the fact that i was there but only to joke around.”

See her post:


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