Meet Crown Prince Of Morocco Moulay Hassan, The Richest Kid In The World

Morocco is frequently regarded as one of northern Africa’s most beautiful countries. Culture, history, and aspirational architecture abound. The country also draws a lot of attention because it is home to a royal family.


King Mohamed the sixth, his wife Salma, and their two children, crowned Prince Moulay Hassan and Princess Lalla Khadija, make up the royal family.

The little prince will one day succeed his father as Morocco’s future king, which is not unusual in royal families. With a family fortune of $5.7 billion and a prince worth 1.5 billion dollars, you might imagine these royals living a lavish lifestyle like any other.


Nonetheless, Morocco’s monarchy, which is the second oldest after the British, has learned to live modestly. Moulay, the second youngest, is not a spoiled brat because his parents are extremely wealthy. While Hassan is undoubtedly the richest prince in the world, he is also the most popular. Due to his participation in numerous major international events.


As a result, the prince gains reputation, renown, and money. He was born on May 8, 2003, and his birthday was commemorated by a 21-gun salute. When doing his royal duties, he has maintained his humility, extraordinary composure, and poise. Unlike other teenagers his age, TikTok refuses to twerk, demonstrating incredible willpower. Though his father is frequently present to assist with royal procedures, he appears to be aware of his royal obligations.


During his father’s attendance at large international events, Moulay frequently refused to let his elders kiss his hand. While it is customary in Moroccan society to kiss the hand of someone older than you as a symbol of respect, he shied away when the simple gesture was turned back on him. Not out of contempt, but rather to show humility, which he continues to exhibit as he grows older.


Back in 2017, Hassan was the youngest competitor at one world planet hosted in France, which garnered him international attention and catapulted him into the spotlight. The summit’s moderator emphasized how the participation of young Moulay was a strong statement of young people’s commitment to preserving the planet’s future. His attendance earned him a great deal of respect, affection, and a large number of fans, particularly among young women.


Moulay is so well-liked in his own country that he has a 12-thousand-seat football stadium named after him, stade Moulay Hassan. In 2017, he welcomed Palestinian children on a visit to Morocco, teaching them about Moroccan culture and thereby serving as an exemplary role model.

He also has one of the most costly VIP aircraft in the world, complete with a personalized license CN AMH, which means “majesty.” The 67.4 million dollar power plane can fly 14000 kilometers without a hitch and can accommodate eight passengers and four crew members.


With his father studying law, the prince became the first Moroccan royal to study aviation. Can communicate well in four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Arabic, his mother tongue. Making him a true world leader.



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