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‘Ever Since I Hosted A Baby Shower, My Baby Kicks Abnormally ’ – Lady Writes

A pregnant lady has taken to social media to reveal the awkward thing that is happening to her.

According to this lady, it started after she organized a baby shower where many ladies touched her belly.

She indicated that ever since she had the baby shower, the baby has been kicking her abnormally which really hurts her.

The post that she made reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Ever since I hosted a baby shower my baby kicks abnormally and it hurts me. Many girls touched my belly and now I am worried that someone did something to me. I don’t know what to do. I’m a 25 year old side chick.”


Some reactions the post got are;

Tallman Sipho Mshwane – Very simple this one very simple …’A lion cannot eat the whole buffalo,he needs to assert his authority,he eats first then when he satisfied his hunger the younger lions and lioness will be allowed to eat’ – Togolese Proverb
Well my sister you need to see your doctor ASAP .. it should be a lesson to you and many girls that if you are pregnant or having a small baby please don’t allow people who you don’t know where they come from to touch your baby or your belly.. some hands are evil,some have blood… everything they touch gets destroyed
My advice get a blue Vimbela and apply it on your belly.. It might help if doctors can’t
Ah nine nifuna kutjelwa konke

Herbert Hleks Moreyane – The loud music that y’all were playing during the baby shower is still stuck in his/her mind and he/she is still dancing to it.. it’s normal don’t worry

Sie Dube – When we tell u guys nt to do baby showers yu think we’re jealous bt yet u cry to us everytime,a lot of gals,mother’s r dying out here cz of babe shower’s plz don’t do it.you never know who’s yr enemy

Keke Diana – Well first of all I try not to believe too much on witchcraft but what I know is you dont let people touch your belly hle even if ke family you never ever hle


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