Reasons Why Girls Reject You Whenever You Ask Them Out


It’s always good for a man to persevere in his effort to win a lady’s heart. However, some guys are not very skilled at having energetic conversations with women.


Ladies find them to be boring and wouldn’t want to continue having conversations with them.

On the other hand, this rejection has also made many guys afraid of talking to women.


Some girls are selective, and they tend to ignore guys who are inexperienced in the communication skills needed to start a great relationship.


When a lady notices that you don’t have the experience needed to build a good conversation, she will ignore you because of that.

What most girls look out for in a man is confidence. Some guys can’t look at a lady’s eyes for one minute, and this is a turn-off for many women.


Once the first impression of a guy is very shallow or whacky, she will conclude that everything else you want to say is not necessary. 

Ladies want to engage themselves in conversations that are friendly and funny.

Guys who find it difficult to trust people have problems starting a conversation with just anybody.


They are cautious about talking to strangers because they’ve been betrayed before. This attitude has made them unable to start a friendly conversation easily with a stranger. 

If you are trying to be cocky instead of being yourself, girls might see you as being fake because you are trying to be someone else in order to impress them.


Girls are attracted to originality and true feelings because they want to experience something real. They don’t want to be fooled.


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