‘Open the door! I paid 250 euros for the ticket’: Madrid fans who left Bernabeu after 80 mins caught on camera

A few dozen Real Madrid fans left the Santiago Bernabeu at around the 80th minute when Manchester City were up 1-0.

“I’ve left the stadium! I’m going back in!”

“You can’t do this, you can’t do this… Shame on you!”

“I’m from Barcelona… I come here once a year… The ticket was 250 euros. Please.”

“Open the door, I have my season ticket right here in my hand! Come on, I’m a Real Madrid socio [official member], I’ve just left… Can I enter? Like if it was half time. Please, open the door man.”

*kicking the door* “They have to open the door! Let’s go everyone.”

Well, this is what you get when you don’t believe in your team until the very last second of the game.


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