Atletico Madrid confirms that they will not provide a guard of honour to Real Madrid in LaLiga

According to Daily Post reports, Atletico Madrid has stated that their players would not form a guard of honour for LaLiga winners Real Madrid ahead of Sunday’s match.

In a statement, the club called the concept “an attempt at ridicule” and “an inflated, fake debate.”

Madrid travels to Atletico Madrid this weekend, having already been crowned champions with four games remaining following a 4-0 victory over Espanyol last Saturday.

As a token of respect, trophy winners in Spain’s top division have traditionally been applauded onto the pitch by their next opponents.

“Some people want to turn what started as a gesture of acknowledgment for the champions into a public toll that their opponents must pay, tinged with the smell of humiliation,” Atleti added.

“Atletico Madrid will not participate in this attempt at mockery in which the genuine ideals of sport are utterly ignored and friction and antagonism amongst fans is stoked.”


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