A lady yelled in great excitement after the singer Burna Boy caught her bra during his performance at the ‘One Night In Space’ concert.

Burna Boy’s performance during the ‘One Night In Space’ event at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, April 28, 2022, in New York drew a lot of attention online.

Burna Boy’s performance delighted his followers, and a video published by Goldmyne TV showed some female admirers throwing their bras towards the singer, oblivious to the fact that they were undergarments.

During his performance, Burna Boy took a break to pick up the bras, prompting the female audience to toss more bras at him.

One fan, with username,’Someones ex wife’ took to Twitter to express her excitement after the singer picked her bra when she removed it and threw it at him.

Even though the enthusiastic fan claimed that taking off her bra under her hoodie is generally difficult for her, she did it since she was not concerned about her undies and because Residents in New York mostly go bra-free.

“Only reason I’m not pressed about my bra is because New Yorkers don’t wear bras anyways”, she wrote.