Chew Bitter Kola AND Groundnut Every Morning And Night TO Treat These Diseases.



Bitter kola is one of the medicinal herbs that can be used to treat many diseases in the body. It’s commonly seen around our environment and it’s very cheap.

The medicinal value of bitter kola can be improved by chewing it with groundnut. This combination can be used to treat many diseases.

Below are some of the diseases that can be treated by chewing bitter kola and groundnut together.



1) It prevents cancer cells from growing inside the body.

The antioxidants in groundnut (polyphenol) prevents the growth of cancer cells and then, protects the internal body organs.

2) The combination of bitter kola and groundnut helps to boost the immune system. This helps to fight diseases.

3) It is good for ladies that are pregnant.

The mixture of bitter kola and groundnut contains proteins and foliate in high quantities. Pregnant women need folic acid to prevent child defects during pregnancy. This folic acid also helps in brain development.

So, if you want to enjoy all the health benefits listed above, ensure you chew bitter kola and groundnut in the morning. Also, chew this mixture before sleeping. Continue doing it for 7 days and then, you will see the result.

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