How to produce your own yogurt at home with only two ingredients

Homemade yogurt is mostly made with two ingredients and can be made with the equipment you have at home. It also tastes the same as store-bought yogurts.

The process usually involved inducing the fermentation of milk by adding the second ingredient, giving you a sour, creamy a satisfying yogurt. This product can be produced anywhere and be used as a side hustle, may also be sold as refreshments to our colleagues at your place of work, sold to school children in schools, or produced in bulk and sold to traders, or people that may help you market your product.

Equipment needed

• Pot



• Gas cylinder



• containers

• Spoon




• Greek (live) yogurt or starter culture – 2 tablespoons or a bag of starter culture





• Milk – 3 liters



• Sugar (optional)


• Step 1: Place the pot on the fire and pour the milk into it

• Step 2: continue supplying the heat to the milk till it gets warm

• Step 3: Turn off the heat, pour the greek yogurt or started culture into the milk, and stir till it is well mixed

• Step 4: pour the mixture into a container, cover it tightly, and leave it in a warm place or inside a cooler for about 6 hours so it can ferment

• Step 5: taste the yogurt after it has fermented for the stipulated time, if it doesn’t taste sour or looks thick, cover it back and leave it to ferment again.

• Step 6:refrigerate your product for some time

• Step 7: package as desired.


Since the product mostly involves fermentation, the product should have a shelf life of at least 2 weeks under refrigeration. You may also add a teaspoon of sodium benzoate which will boost its shelf life to at least a month.


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