Family treats housemaid like daughter, enroll her in school

A Nigerian CEO, Godwin Enakhena has revealed how he makes his house help feel like a member of the family.

The man said that the help known as Vero was taught to read and write and she is loved by him as well as his wife.

In a post on his Twitter page, Enakhena also revealed that his family enrolled her in fashion school.

He recalled how she was made to feel so comfortable at home that she once snatched the TV remote from him to watch her favourite movie.

The businessman shared a photo of Vero at her fashion school and wrote;

”Vero looks after our kids, we put her in a fashion school, taught her to read and write; she’s loved by my wife and I.

She snatched the TV remote from me to watch her favorite movie and a friend visiting frowned at her action, and I said Vero wasn’t our maid but our daughter.”

See his tweet:

Social media users applauded him for choosing to treat his domestic staff like a human deserving of love.

@Idebaba wrote: You have always set good examples Mr G. Please continue the good work and your reward will always come from God.

@Emmanuelfaj said; For this u have done. Ur name is added to d book of Life.”

@OgunwaleEmmanu3: Oga mi, that’s the spirit, you gave her life but one thing you yet to say sir, does she sew male cloth too, if yes, I need her contact very urgent.

@ChigoOluwasegun: Massive respect boss. If only, people treat their domestic staff the way you do, this country would be better. God bless you for all you do sir.


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