Woman Caught Husband in Bed With Her Sister, Accused Him of Impregnating

A middle woman from United State has revealed how her husband and little sister nearly got away with their illicit affair just because she couldn’t be able to conceived.

The woman whose name withheld reportedly caught her husband in a compromising position in the couple’s bedroom in during the night, when return back home unannounced.


She said that her sister is an acquired taste. She’s loud, opinionated, and can be eccentric at times but she’s my sister and I love her.

It is alleged that on the fateful day, the woman who had always heard rumours that her husband was having an affair with her sister, decided to set a trap for the pair.

The heartbroken woman said she was surprised to wake up during the night only to find that her husband was missing from their bed.

Assuming he’d fallen asleep on the couch, she moved to the living room to wake him up – without putting her glasses on.


But when she entered the room she was met with a fuzzy image of her husband with her 21-year-old little sister, who had been staying with the couple.


“When I got out to the living room I saw with my extremely blurred vision him standing bent over her, while she was laying on the couch,” the mother-of-one said in a Reddit post.

If that weren’t bad enough, she claims they had been struggling to conceive for years – but her sister became pregnant with the husband’s child, while they were still married.

The unnamed ex-wife revealed all in a letter to an agony aunt, explaining that her marriage ended shortly after they discovered her sister was expecting and her partner went off to help raise the baby.

She continued to say that because she’d recently started a new job and they had a mortgage, it was “financially impossible” for her to leave, so she was forced to stay in a new city all alone after her husband left.

She went on to explain that for years she and her sister have taken turns attending family functions as she can’t bear to be in the same room as them. Her parents were initially angry with her sister, but they reconciled when the baby was born.

In an unexpected twist, the woman said she hadn’t ended things with her husband – despite discovering their affair had been going on for months.

‘I am disgusted’

“I am still so hurt and devastated but can’t bring myself to leave him even though I am disgusted,” she admitted.


“You can only heal by divorcing your husband and separating yourself from both of them,” said one.

“They are cruel and have zero respect for you.

“Find the respect for yourself and value your happiness, your husband has proven he will not.” She added.


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