A young man has shared a very hilarious yet shocking encounter he had with a lady he went on a date with.

The man, who is a Kenyan but based in the United States of America revealed that he met a lady on social media and requested to go on a date with her.

According to him, the lady agreed to go on a date with him but he was shocked to see the lady appear at the restaurant with a huge baby bump signifying she was pregnant.

Sharing his experience on Twitter, the man identified as @Morris KE, said;

Ladies and gentlemen, she turned up fully pregnant,

Wondering how he dealt with the situation, Moris said: “I stayed calm, handed the flowers, pulled a seat for her, she ordered food as I continued sipping my Jack Daniels on the rocks. Avoided the pregnancy talk completely.”

Morris disclosed that he saw the pregnant woman off to her car and promised to call her later after making purchases of food and beverages for her at the posh restaurant. He then went back to the restaurant to relive the entire ordeal.