The Name and The Main Purpose Of The Tiny Hole Found On Padlocks

Padlocks have been used for many decades for security purposes. They come with a unique key that can only be used in opening the padlock. However, padlocks have a unique feature that many people don’t know the name and purpose of. Today, I will share the name and main functions of the tiny hole found in paddocks.

This little hole is referred to as a drain hole in the technological world. The hole in the padlock aids in the prevention of rusting by allowing water to drain out of the lock. These mechanisms keep padlocks from becoming wet during the rainy season or if they are mistakenly dropped into a water source.


Apart from that, the drain hole prevents water and other fluids from freezing inside the padlock. The oil is used for lubrication purposes if the padlock gets stuck; you only need to pour lubrication inside the paddock. The oil will flow and lubricate all moveable parts inside the padlock. The video below provides more details about the drain hole.


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