See the richest family in the world, they worship satan, marry themselves

Rothschild family are the richest family in the world, if you think Bills or Jeffs family are the richest then you should undo that.

The Rothschild family are blessed with money enough to control almost the world affairs, though they not longer have much influence again after they split their wealth.

These family are very secretive when it comes to showing off wealth, there are lots to talk about these family, many only know that they are wealthy and they reside in Europe, but today I’ll be sharing some interesting facts about this family which you might have never heard of.

1. They marry themselves: when you have alot of money and power, it is very easy to be tempted to do things which can be referred to as “abnormal”. the Rothschild family have so many legacies which includes keeping their family tree within themselves.

2. Some of them were over ambitious towards power: Money as they say is the root of evil, the fact that some of them have enough money as you can tell makes them believe they can set their own laws, and live by it. They are so hungry for power that they set their selves above president.

3. They are believed to set the amount Gold is sold world wide. This is to say they have control over the Gold market.

4. They control the US Federal Reserve, this is a bank in the United States of America which is owned by people outside America, and that is were USA keeps most of her money, this bank is owned by Rockefeller and Rothschild family but it is debated that Rothschild family is the major owner.

5. Some are Satanists: There are many rumors about that the family saying that they worship Satan, though it has not be admitted by the family but so many things can make you think so, the family has a reserved dark sit in their house which it’s said to be for the dark lord and they allow no one to sit on it, also the family seal all their documents with stamp which is used by magician and sorcerer in the early days.

6. They relate with secret cults: The Rothschild family are believed to be the major influencer of Illuminati.

7. They influenced so many wars: Since they’re the world most powerful family and believed to control half of the world money, they 8. They have about $600 billion in secret: These family are with no argument the wealthiest in the world since the past 200years and have assets worth about 400 million dollars and still believe to have more wealth in secret. but their secret lifestyle makes people not them in Forbes even year.

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