7 Easy Methods To Reduce Excessive Sweating Underarms Without Stress


Sweating excessively under the arms can be embarrassing (especially if you’re in the public) or cause body odour. Many people try to use different deodorants, but without addressing key issues, their efforts might be futile.

If you want to reduce the way you sweat under your arms without stress, you should read this article to the end. According to Healthline, the following are easy methods you can adopt to reduce sweaty underarms

1. Shave your armpits


I’d like to place this first on my list. Guys, if you want to reduce excessive sweating, you should make shaving your underarms a routine. Shaving will not only reduce sweating, but it will also help to reduce body odour too.

2. Use topical antiperspirants

Instead of spending your money on deodorants that won’t stop excessive sweating completely, you should try antiperspirants which kill odour-causing bacteria and actively block your sweat glands from producing underarm sweat

Search for a stronger antiperspirant with a high amount of aluminium chloride, for more effects and shave underarms before application.

2. Wait between showering and dressing


Don’t be in a hurry to dress up immediately after you shower, especially if you leave in a hot climate or after taking a hot shower. Allow your body to cool down before dressing up

3. Wear loose-fitting clothes


Wear more loose-fitting clothes that will allow air into your armpits and prevent excessive sweating.

4. Avoid sweat-inducing foods


Did you know that your diet can affect how much you sweat? Some foods like caffeine, garlic, onion, beer, processed foods, spicy foods and foods with high amounts of salt are on this list.

5. Eat more foods that reduce sweat


These foods are easily digested and do not make you sweat profusely. They include bananas, water, almonds, fruits and vegetables etc.

6. Stay hydrated


Drink lots and lots of water to keep your body temperature low and prevent excessive sweating

7. Stop smoking


The nicotine you take in when you smoke raises your blood temperature, makes your heart beat faster and may cause excessive sweating.

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