3 Benefits Of Having Hairs In Your Nose And Coughing While Eating


The hairs in your nose have a major function for our bodies that some of us don’t know about. If you put your finger in your nose, you will discover that there are some hairs there. Some people even pull them out because they don’t want other people to see them.


However, according to WebMD, the hairs in your nose and coughing while eating benefit your health in the following ways:

1. The hair in your nose is part of your innate immune system. It is in your nose as a filter to filter the air you breathe so that it can trap any germs or other things in the air.


2. The mucus that is there also performs the same function. If a particular substance penetrates through the air and gets to the inner part of your nostrils, then sneezing happens automatically.

It is your immune system that is trying to expel that thing by force. When you sneeze, your programmed innate immune system is trying to get rid of any foreign matter that tries to enter your body through the nose.


If you stay in a kitchen where they are frying peppers and the thing goes into your nose, you will come out and sneeze heavily. It is your immune system at work, so each time you sneeze, be grateful to God that your immune system is still working.


3. Mucus, the hairs lining your trachea, your windpipe, and coughing are all ways for your body to protect itself.

If you are trying to eat something, for instance, and the food doesn’t go through the normal passage and goes through the air passage, you start coughing involuntarily.

That coughing is an automatic response to reject or eject the food trying to go through the wrong way. You don’t even have to think about coughing because it is an automatic reaction that has been programmed in our bodies.


Coughs like this are a blessing because if the cough hadn’t happened, the food would have entered the wrong way and caused a life-threatening situation.


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