4 Problems That Make Women Unable To Get Pregnant Within A Year

Infertility is a health condition whereby couples are unable to give birth to children. For a woman, it’s an inability to achieve conception within the normal duration, which is at least twelve months.

Several female health conditions can cause this. A woman will be unable to get pregnant within a year due to the following health problems:

1. According to WebMD, endometriosis is a problem that can cause female infertility. It’s a situation whereby the endometrial cells lining the interior of the womb begin to grow and extend to the outside.

When you are menstruating, blood is being shed from both the inner lining and the outer lining, and that can cause a lot of pain and problems for the woman.


2. There could also be implantation failure whereby the egg is fertilized quite alright but it does not successfully attach to the womb.

3. There can be a pelvic inflammatory disease where urinary tract infection causes a lot of inflammation in the pelvic area. Quite a large number of women experience urinary tract infections during their lives.


The solution is to prevent the infection in the first place. If that cannot be achieved, prompt medical intervention is needed. If you find out that you are infected, diet and supplements can also help to address that as well.


For some of those infections, one of the best fruits to help clear your genitourinary tract of infection is cranberry. All the berries are loaded with benefits: cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and hackberry.


They are either good for the heart or against inflammation. They are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, and sometimes antibiotics. So a lot of cranberries and garlic will help clear the genitourinary tract of infections.


4. Fibroids are another factor that can cause infertility within a year. When a woman has fibroids and that’s the reason she’s not able to get pregnant, some are troublesome while others are not.


The troublesome ones give uncomfortable symptoms, reducing the quality of life of the individual. It prevents pregnancy and makes a woman have a risk of anemia and the consequences of anemia.


Severe fibroids can also cause heavy bleeding or blood clots to come out and a rapid reduction in your PCV. This requires immediate medical intervention.

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