6 Businesses You Can Start Near A Police Station And Make So Much Money

6 Businesses You Can Start Near A Police Station And Make So Much Money

Here are businesses You Can Start Near A Police Station And Make So Much Money.

People can make money at police stations because of the influx of visitors and the presence of officers who work and live there.

Several businesses can be started near police stations to generate some extra income.

1. Cyber Cafe.

Cyber Cafes may be a good investment for those looking for a place to put their money near a police station. Documentation requirements for reporting crimes, processing arrests, and requesting release from police custody all contribute to this.

P3 forms, National ID cards, and driver’s licenses are just some of the official documents that people are frequently asked to copy. Additionally, photocopy shops thrive near train stations because of this fact.

2. Wines and Spirits, as well as a restaurant.

Bandhas, or mini-hotels, can spring up next to police stations due to the high volume of people who visit them regularly.

It can take a long time to file a complaint or request the release of a loved one. The cafes provide a place for travelers to rest and refuel before continuing on their journeys back home or to the train stations. Foods like tea, mandazi, chapati, meat, mambo, and the beans mondo or moco, as well as ugali, can be found near these facilities, as can a variety of other beverages. It’s still possible to include nyamachoma and mutura, which are both used by law enforcement officers.

These cafes are also frequented by police officers who have a tight schedule and need to report crimes or bail out loved ones. In many cases, people are unable to return home and prepare a meal when they are hungry.

There is a lot of activity around these places, and as a result, wine and liquor shops thrive. Like the rest of us, police officers look for places to unwind after a long day at the office or on the road directing traffic.

3. Mobile Money Shops.

Nearly every city in the country has a mobile money shop like the ones you see next to train stations. For a variety of violations, Kenyans are frequently required to pay fines and bail money to be released.

In addition, the high demand for mobile money services forces customers to walk long distances to find them.

Most people are also concerned about their safety when depositing or withdrawing money from their bank accounts. Businesses benefit from the proximity of a police station because of the promise of security.

4. Legal Advisory Services.

Because they don’t know what to do when someone is detained, people congregate outside of police stations to await further instructions. This is primarily because of a lack of knowledge about their legal rights and the laws that govern police detention and interrogation of suspects.

People who have been arrested and their families can benefit greatly from the existence of offices that offer legal assistance, especially if they do not currently have access to an attorney.

In addition, this could be a way to connect people with attorneys who can help them with their cases, if necessary. Legal experts, such as lawyers, are required in this type of a business operation because of the complexity of the legal issues involved.

5. Hair salons and barbershops

Owning a Kinyozi barbershop, also known as a Kinyozi, can be profitable for most business owners due to the high standards of grooming required for police officers. It is expected of male officers to have short hair while on duty, so they must regularly have their beards and hair shaved.

Some of the country’s police stations are located close to educational institutions that require children to be well-groomed during school hours, so barbershops can also target the local community around these institutions.

According to the National Police Service, female officers can now do things like plait their hair, give manicures, and even moderately panel beat their skin. To carry out these rapid changes, this policy will need a designated location.

6. Hotel and lodging services.

Due to the time it takes to process and bailout people, many people leave police stations late in the evening or even overnight, making it difficult for them to return home.

As a result, offering a place to sleep can be a lucrative business opportunity for new business owners.

Additionally, passengers who plan to travel late at night prefer to stay near a train station because it provides them with a sense of security.

Private lodging is available for police officers who prefer to live outside of the police station’s boundaries. Due to the proximity of a police station, rental properties in the area may be snapped up more quickly.


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