While On My Sick Bed, I Released A Loud Fart, Immediately I Started Feeling Well & Relieved – Mr Ibu

Mr. Ibu has disclosed what happened to him that got him relieved while he was on his sickbed in the hospital. The Nollywood actor was down with sickness sometime ago, and he said that he started feeling better after releasing a very loud fart while in the hospital. The Nollywood actor alleged that the sickness left his body with the fart.


He was very weak and sick while in the hospital, a video of himself in the hospital was released for Nigerians to see. His wife and his daughter were with him in the hospital at that time. Mr. Ibu made it clear that despite he was very down, weak, and sick in his hospital bed, after releasing a very loud fart, he started feeling better. 


He thanked God for saving his life, and also thanked those who prayed for him to be delivered from the sickness. He also thanked his colleagues who came around to check on him. He said he was well taken care of, including the care from his loving wife who never left his side during his time of sickness.

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