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People Don’t Understand Me, They Think I Am Just Enjoying Life – DJ Cuppy Talks About Herself

Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy speaking about her life as a hardworking billionaire heiress has said that most people don’t understand her and they think she’s just enjoying life but that isn’t the case at all.

DJ Cuppy has almost everything at her disposal but strives so hard to become an artist, a DJ, and a philanthropist which most people seem not to understand why she’s going through all that when her father is wealthy.

Speaking about that, DJ Cuppy said some people don’t understand her at all and they think she’s just doing something to enjoy life but to her, that is not it as working as an artist, a DJ, a philanthropist, and now a student isn’t easy at all.

According to her, even today she’s having challenges as a DJ because most people have been badmouthing her saying she can’t do it and that is probably why most of them think she’s just doing that to enjoy her life but that is not the case at all.

We all can attest to the fact that DJ Cuppy has been working really hard on her own to build her own empire when she can get a job at one of her father’s companies and work comfortably there but she decided to strive with the little or no support she will get and that is admirable.

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