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“My Father Was Very Proud Of Me Becoming A DJ Even Though He Was An Anglican Bishop”-Tim Westwood Reveals [Video]

In most cases, it is very difficult for one to venture into entertainment when he or she is from a religious. Most Christian parents forbid their wards to venture into such professions given the fact that they feel it might taint their Christian values.

Most people have been forced to give up on their dreams to become entertainment personalities due to the fact that their parents believe that such professions are of the world and do not conform to the Christianity doctrines.

Speaking in an interview with Cookie Tee on TV3’s New Day, Tim Westwood has recounted his experience with his parents when he had the intentions to venture into entertainment.

According to Tim Westwood, his father was an Anglican Bishop but always had his back when he decided to venture into the profession. He revealed that he left home at an early age to start his brand and both parents were huge fans of his works even though they were strong Christians.
Tim Westwood revealed that he has been in the entertainment scene for almost 35 years and he spent 20 years at BBC before starting up his own Tim Westwood TV which a number of Ghanaian musicians have passed through to exhibit their talents.

Watch the video below:


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