Man set to marry lady his ex-lover invited to ‘eat’ his money on a date

A young man identified as Gabby Bornrich has revealed that he is set to marry a lady who accompanied his ex-lover on a date with him.

He took to his Facebook page to narrate how he met his ex in 2020, and invited his ex on a date only for her to show up with three of her friends.

After they ordered and had their meal, the bill was handed to the guy with a phone number attached to it. He settled the bill and they all went home.

Gabby later called the number and discovered that it was one of the friends that his ex-girlfriend invited to ‘chop’ his money. He also revealed that his left his former lover because of what she did that day.

He and the other lady got to talking, became close, and started dating. Fast-forward to present day and they will be getting married this year.

Read his story below:


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