Ladies, This Is What Happens When You Date a Married Man

Although dating a married guy might give you a sense of adrenaline rush, these relationships seldom end well.Maybe you didn’t intend to fall in love with a married man, but it happened anyway. Maybe you like the lifestyle he can provide you with, the fancy gifts you get and the trips he takes you on. Or maybe you enjoy the intellectual stimulation he provides and the worldview this possibly older man can share.

What begins as a pleasurable distraction may quickly turn into emotional trauma for you and your married partner. What follows is a nasty divorce and a heartbroken family. Even if your married partner divorces their spouse, bitterness and distrust from the past might destroy your relationship.

Here are somethings you will experience



1. You will have to lie

One of the most serious risks of dating a married man is maintaining your relationship as a secret. All of the secrecy and frequent lying might lead you to believe that dating a married man is a sin. Even if your feelings for each other are real, the covert nature of your connection will cause you to feel guilty, which will suffocate you in the long run.

2. Restrictions

You will always have to face restrictions when it comes to expressing your love for him. You can’t call or text him at any time you want because there is the fear of getting caught by his wife or someone else. You both can’t really be seen out in public, anywhere near his home. You both can probably only meet in private and this self-control can cost you too much.

3. You will be an outcast

You may be able to keep the relationship under wraps from his wife. However, you may confide in someone, or someone might find out that you have a secret relationship. Friends, roommates, or even the landlord may get a whiff of the relationship and talk about it either openly or in hushed tones. You will always be held responsible for getting in the way of marriage and labeled a “homewrecker.” You will face scorn and ridicule from friends, family, and colleagues for entering into a relationship with a married man.

4. You’re kidding yourself.

Despite his reassuring you how much you mean to him, his decision not to end the relationship with his wife in an above-board and respectful way — and not beginning a legitimate relationship with you — are actions that speak louder than words.


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