Road to 2023: ‘Cabals’ want to use APC national chair to truncate Tinubu’s ambition, supporter says

Road to 2023: 'Cabals' want to use APC national chair to truncate Tinubu's ambition, supporter says

The supporter group of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu for the 2023 presidency under the auspices of Disciplines of Jagaban (DOJ) has raised the alarm over alleged moves by what it called ‘cabals’ in the corridors of power to work on the newly elected National Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, to truncate presidential ambition of Tinubu.

The group said it suspects that the APC National Chairman was already doing the bidding of the Cabals, stressing that: ‘Senator Adamu must tread with caution concerning Tinubu’s presidential ambition.’

A statement issued by the National Coordinator of DOJ, Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, read in part: ‘It’s pertinent for our new chairman of APC to realise the consequence of working against the popular candidate for the ruling party because only a politically naive will undermine the spirit and the force behind Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s movement on the path to Aso Rock come 2023.

‘Adamu needs to be schooled that working to undermine Tinubu, as already been seen in some quarters amounts to political naivety and unreasonability, for it can only spell doom for the party.

‘Senator Adamu should equally note that those working against Tinubu are true enemies of the nation and APC because they know Tinubu remains the only candidate the opposition will have a herculean task to defeat. In fact, they couldn’t even get reasons to campaign against him. I, therefore, urge our Chairman not to be intimidated by the position being presently occupied by all former and current Disciples of Jagaban.

‘I urge the Chairman not to stir the hornet’s nest. It is time we put our house in order and ensure all hands are on deck to achieve unity within the ranks and file of our great party, APC.

‘Few disgruntled elements and enemies of progress within the party must not be allowed to discourage us at all. We must shine our eyes because the same people who were in the opposition, and worked against the ambition of Buhari but Tinubu came to the rescue are the same set of people working against the emergence of Tinubu, having defected from the opposition party. They regard no scruples, their goal is to perpetually flirt with the incumbent. It is their way, anywhere.

‘To the masses, Tinubu remains the highly generous, beneficial and caring politician who is not only loved by people but has established himself in their minds true uncommon political sagacity across the country. He is also seen by many as an aspirant with a high capability to rescue Nigeria from the current security and economic quagmire.

‘In the contemporary history of Nigeria, no political bigwig can be compared to Asiwaju in terms of political sagacity. The Jagaban Borgu, the strongest factor in present-day Nigerian politics cannot just be undermined or dismissed with a wave of the hand, especially in the ruling party APC.

‘Again, it signposts the peak of ungratefulness for some APC politicians, be they governors, ministers, National Assembly members or political appointees who knew the role Tinubu played in the birth and sustenance of the party to strive to voluntarily sabotage his project. No genuine APC member will subscribe to such an idea. Some of us who started the journey together will never agree to such a vice.

‘May I inform Senator Adamu not to be misled by the aides or allies of Buhari who claim to be doing the bidding of the President. Such people do not truly love Buhari. Were Tinubu to be the President and Buhari the National Leader of the party, those who are currently doing the hatchet job and working against Tinubu would have been doing the same thing to Buhari.

‘They really do not love Buhari, what they love is the pecks of power which they enjoy by currying the favour of the President. They would have as well, try to rubbish Buhari himself as they are doing to Jagaban now.

‘It is a promise, whoever, amongst the ants of democracy in APC, tries to weaken the party from within by working against the popular candidate that has the capacity to win the election for the party in the general election will be politically disgraced by God’s grace; because we all make up the party, it doesn’t belong to anyone in particular.

‘While attacks from the opposition party and their supporters are justifiable since the opposition is expected in the political arena, opposition from members of the ruling party against the Jagaban who has laboured so much to build the party from the carcass is irritating, detestable and condemnable.’

The statement added that DOJ, ‘as a Jagaban support group which started ahead of other groups is quite aware of the game. It is the same DOJ that made a frantic effort by some enemies of the nation who tried to set the Yorubas against Hausa-Fulanis just to thwart the North-South alliance that Tinubu birthed. We knew why they wanted to drag Tinubu into many crises, including why they destroyed his property during the unfortunate #EndSARS protest.

‘We must therefore ensure that a round peg is fixed in the round hole by supporting Tinubu to succeed President Buhari in 2023.

‘DOJ also warns Tinubu’s tribesmen who are working openly and clandestinely to truncate the South West opportunity to produce its best for the entire Nigeria to desist from their action. We know your ways. It’s in your blood.

‘To the South West political contractors, you are similarly advised to return the opposition money to them, if you’ve collected any.

‘After Buhari in 2023, it has to be Tinubu. If Tinubu submitted to Buhari in 2015, now it’s time to support him. One good turn deserves another.’


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