Countries where women pay the dowry of men before marriage, number 3 is an African country

At the point when two individuals get hitched, they become one individual. The two of them went through every one of the perceived customs and rules in their general public and consented to observe them. As a result of the reaction from society, it is additionally extremely uncommon to see a marriage between two individuals of a similar orientation, yet it can work out.


There are two kinds of gifts that are designated “settlements.” A “endowment” is a gift that is typically given to a lady’s family by the man of the hour or his family to show how thankful they are for their child wedding their girl. Yet, in certain societies, for the most part in Asia and Australia, and in a couple of separated networks in Africa, ladies in all actuality do follow through on the lucky man cost (endowment) of the men they need to wed, however not every one of them.


In certain nations, ladies pay the endowment of their spouses to wed them. We’ll take a gander at a couple of these nations and see the reason why these societies are permitted, despite the fact that it could appear to be strange for individuals from various societies to do this.

1. India



To start with, India is one of the nations that has been rehearsing this culture for quite a while. They have gone it down through the ages to their own youngsters. At the point when a lady is prepared to wed her life partner, her folks might request that she give them a cow or a little vehicle as a settlement.

2. Nepal


The lady is compelled to address the husband to be’s cost since it is believed to be a major piece of making their marriage work. It likewise assists the lady’s personality with coordinating with her better half.

3. Kenya



One of the African nations that pre-owned this sort of marriage and endowment installment was Kenya. The lady needs to give spouse’s dad the share, either in real money or in kind, upon the arrival of their customary marriage.

A many individuals likewise say that it doesn’t imply that the lady needs to pay for the cash. Most spouses give the cash to their wives in private on the off chance that they need more to show them.

4. Sri Lanka

It’s not generally something very similar in Sri Lanka. In certain societies, when a lady observes a possible accomplice, she educates her folks regarding her arrangements to get hitched. When they agree, the lady’s folks pay the lucky man’s family a settlement. They put it down on the calendar for their wedding.

It ultimately depends on you to conclude your opinion on this sort of marriage. We’ve been discussing this for quite a while now: should Ghana additionally embrace this sort of marriage?

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