Two Countries That Are No Longer In Existence

Many sovereign countries are recognized by the United Nations Organization. It is also necessary to point out that we have more than one hundred independent countries in the entire universe. However, there are some countries that no longer exist. Some of these countries disintegrated into new nations. Below are some countries that are no longer in existence.


1. Czechoslovakia

This country used to be one of the most respected sovereign states in Europe. Czechoslovakia declared independence in the year 1918. However, Czechoslovakia was dissolved in 1993. It gave rise to Czech Republic and Slovakia. It should be said that Czechoslovakia is no longer in existence.


2. Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia was a European country that came into existence in the year 1918. Yugoslavia was highly respected around the European continent. However, this country ceased to exist in January of 1992. Countries like Croatia and Serbia rose from Yugoslavia. It should be said that Bosnia and Herzegovina also gained independence from Yugoslavia.

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