Meet The Man Who Sold Osama Bin Laden To The American Soldiers And What Happened To Him Later

Osama bin Laden became a huge danger to the Americans for a number of years. The proper fact used to be that he was a terrorist made the Americans have sleepless nights. Until they find out an individual who made it very convenient for them to get their arms on him simpler.


With the assist of a man name ned Shekil Afaridi,  he is a physician who helped the CIA run a phoney hepatitis immunization software in Abbottabad, Pakistan to verify the real area of Osama bin Laden via getting a DA test. He was once delivered into the world in Bara, someplace in Pakistan, and later on, completed his bodily science certificates in Kyber Medical College in the year 1954.

Dr Afaridi is being blamed for being in touch with the Americans and driving the CIA to the place where Osama bin Laden was hiding. It stated that Shekil was condemned to 33 years of detainment by way of the Pakistan authorities with no assumption for viable parole.


Pakistan’s administration then expressed that Dr Afaridi was not a resident of Pakistan, and he was not even qualified to be considered as one of their residences. However, as per the American view, he used to be viewed as their legend.

As per a source, it is that Dr Shakil was once supplying merchandise to the late Bin Laden place to lead the Americans to his place of the hideout. After the Americans, warriors have been requested to kill Osama in an exercise that required simply 45 minutes to take his life. Pakistan later captured and constrained Dr Sheila.


He was once then detained independently of exclusive detainees and detainees for the well-being of others. In his cell, he is in each case alone and consistently conversing with himself alone in the cell, due to the fact he does not have all of us to communicate with. His everyday errands in jail are to peruse his bible(Quran) to clear his brain, he trusts one day he will pardon him and apologize, as he is the righteous man in jail.

The American authorities are required to haggle with the Pakistan authorities to free Dr Afaridi from jail, so he can spend the remainder of his lifestyles in jail. Such is the world, he used to be additionally jailed after he helped them to catch their enemy.

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