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‘My Nanny Earns £500 Weekly And Travels First Class’ – Jude Ighalo’s Estranged Wife, Sonia Reveals The Fringe Benefits She Enjoys

The Nanny of Sonia Adesuwa, the estranged wife of footballer Jude Ighalo seems to be living life to the fullest as she enjoys deluxe benefits.


Taking to Instagram stories, Sonia revealed that her nanny is paid £500 every week for the weekdays and earns an extra £100 per day if she works on any day of the weekend. She enjoys business class rides and has a car for school runs.

Sonia who described her as a ‘celebrity nanny’ added that she bought a house just recently and a whopping amount of £1000 was splashed at a restaurant during her last birthday.

Sonia said all about her nanny via her Instagram stories;


In other news, there is a bill that has been introduced by a Member of the House of Representatives, Umar Muda to disallow crossdressing in Nigeria.

On Tuesday, April 5, the bill which was motioned before the house focuses on prohibiting cross-dressing except for the ones which is being used for entertainment purposes.

The consequences of the passing of the law will see to the imprisonment of defaulters to 6 months in prison.

The bill says;

“A person engaging in cross-dressing is guilty of an offense and liable to imprisonment of 6 months or to a fine of five hundred thousand naira,”

This bill seeks to amend the same-sekz marriage act of 2013 naming cross-dressing as one of the offences will conflict with the likes of Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju fondly called Bobrisky, James Brown, Denrele and others.

This Act jails same-sekz couples and gay people for 14 years if found guilty by the court.


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