Actor Remmy Shitta Reveals How Ikorodu General Hospital Killed Dejo Tunfulu

Remmy Shitta Bey, a veteran actor, has blamed the General Hospital, Ikorodu Lagos, for the death of his colleague, Dejo Tunfulu.

According to him, actor Dejo died as a result of hospital negligence and a failure to properly treat his severe malaria.

On April 1, 2022, Kunle Adetokunbo, better known as Dejo Tunfulu, a Nigerian Yoruba actor and comedian, died.

“You still posted this picture recently only for me to hear about your death today,” Kunle Afod wrote on Instagram. Pressy Tunfulu, this is heartbreaking. It’s still hard to believe, Dad Junior,” he says.

In an interview with radio personality Adeyemi Olabode, the actor’s son confirmed the sad news.

OAP claims that when he called the late actor’s phone number to verify the rumors, his son answered the phone and confirmed that the actor was indeed dead.

An interview with veteran actor Remmy Shitta Bey, who revealed the circumstances surrounding his death, broke the news just hours ago.

“I was there, Negligence from the General Hospital killed Dejo Tunfulu” the actor disclosed.

Remmy Sitta Said: “Dejo walked into the hospital himself on Tuesday, it got worse on Wednesday. They didn’t attend to him, they abandoned him, we were the ones begging them to attend to him, give him blood, they didn’t act like their colleagues abroad. I know how Doctors abroad will have handled the situation, but these ones were just lackadaisical, our Nigerian hospitals are bad and the government needs to do something about it before they kill us all. I lost count of how many died bodies they brought out from that general hospital that day because I was there from morning till evening….”


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