5 Problems Faced In Trying to Satisfy A Woman.

Satisfying a woman in a relationship is maintaining a healthy relationship.

It’s never certain what a woman wants, the terror of thinking over and over again before doing anything regarding a woman as anything can be taken as an offense with the slightest mistake.

Men are the head of the house but the woman is the body, the head won’t function well without its body, can it?.



5 out of the many crises in a relationship are:

1. Insecurities: ever met a jealous woman? I believe so. Everyone knows nothing can be more dangerous than a woman’s jealousy it can go from minor to extreme. Never make a woman jealous.

2. Money :as you know money and women are lovers, well everyone loves money but women love it more. Being broke can cause you more harm if you are in a relationship. Don’t cross a bridge without checking its stability. Women can be very supportive in your hustle but don’t underestimate them.


3. love: yes! Love can cause problems in a relationship you must know women love attention and excess love, they always want to be showered with love and luxury. If you don’t show how much or tell them how much you love them then you are inviting a headache.

4. Marriage: marriage is always the product of a long or short relationship where there’s love. Dating a woman for over 6 years without a promise of commitment is nothing welcoming. You might as well just break up with her than keep her with you with no plans. Women age fast don’t blame them if you get dumped for a more serious man.


5. Support: if you don’t support your woman then don’t stop her from supporting herself. Every woman is a diamond, if you keep yours well you might as well be assured a fortune in the nearest future. They have dreams too and be supported. 

In a relationship, it’s not all about the woman but the man, loving mutually is something far more important in a relationship. Love and commitment, arguments come naturally but can end with good communication. Keep that man or woman if you are sure they love you.


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