Meet The 96 Years Old Woman Who Claimed To Be Vladimir Putin’s Mother.

A lot of people don’t know much about Russian president, Vladimir Putin and lots of people don’t know much about a woman named Vera Putina who claimed to be the mother to Vladimir Putin as well.

The woman is 96 years of age and she lives in Georgia, United States. She names herself Vera Putina and she has been claiming to be the bioloigical mother of Vladimir Putin.



In her words she said; “He (Putin) went to school in Georgia until the third grade.

“My husband didn’t want him here and I took him to Russia and left him with my mother. He was walking like a duck.”

Putina has reportedly been claiming that Vladimir Putin is her son even before he (Putin) became the president of Russia.

According to the journalists who questioned the woman, Putin was born in the year 1950 and was sent to Russia when he (Putin) was 9 years old

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