Beautiful Photos Of N’golo Kante’s Wife Who is 16 Years Older Than Him and Former Ex-Wife of Cisse

N’golo Kante’s gorgeous wife, Jude Littler, is the wife of Chelsea midfielder N’golo Kante. Jude is also the ex-wife of a former French professional footballer by the name of Djbril Cisse, who departed from the game three years ago after a successful career.


Because Jude Kante was born in 1975, she is 16 years older than Ngolo Kante, who was born in 1991. Ngolo Kante and his wife Jude have two children.

Despite the significant age difference between them, they have managed to keep their relationship strong, and they are well-known as one of the couples who want to live a quiet life that is not exposed on social media platforms.

As a midfielder, N’golo Kante is regarded as one of the best in his generation, having helped Leicester City, Chelsea fc, and the France national team win major trophies in the last decade, as well as being a key player for both teams and country. He is married to Jude Littler and has two children.

With the France national team, Kante has won the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Club World Cup, the Champions League, and the World Cup.

Here are a few of the stunning photographs of N’golo Kante and his wife, jude Littler, taken throughout the years.





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