I Am A Muslim, I Won’t Change My Name From Ahmed To Joshua, But I Have Changed Lagos IGR- Joe Igbokwe Quotes Tinubu



Joe Igbokwe was on his Facebook account to share the statement of Bola Ahmed Tinubu concerning the things he has achieved with Lagos State.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu noted that he is a Muslim and he would not change his name from Ahmed to Joshua, but he has succeeded in changing Lagos State from a N600 million Internally generated revenue state to a N45 billion monthly IGR generating state. He said today Lagos is the 5th economy in Africa, in conclusion Tinubu noted that this kind of achievement is not a bricklayers job.

Lagos State has always been an avenue for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to prove to the world that he is visionary leader, he left the government seat of Lagos State many years ago but the plans and projects he put in place are still being executed. He is also using Lagos State as an example to show the world that the achievements in Lagos State can be replicated at the federal level if he is elected as the president of Nigeria in 2023.


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