Breakdown Of The Losses Of Both The Russian Army And Ukrainian Forces In The Past 26 Days Of The War

The war in Ukraine has resulted in many damages in the city of Ukraine as buildings and hideouts of the Ukrainian forces are been destroyed by the Russian troops. Since the beginning of the war, thousands of civilians including soldiers of both the Ukrainian forces and the Russian army have died on the battlefront. But the Russians are losing more military personnel and equipment than the Ukrainians. Because no country has shown their support to them except for the Syrian fighters who volunteered to join the troops in Ukraine.

According to NEXTA news reporters, the actual number of military personnel that both sides have lost in the war was revealed. The record covered from the very first day the Russian troops started the invasion. The news reporters compared the result to that of the Soviet army during the war in Afghanistan 10 years ago.



From the record, the Ukrainian armed forces have lost more military personnel than the Russians. About 15,300 military personnel and 6 generals have been killed in the war, while 15,051 Russian personnel were killed also. The difference between both sides is not much, but they have experienced more damage than ever before in their history.


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