While one of the ladies revealed that she can date the husband to her sister if he can take proper care of her, the other one shamelessly said she enjoys dating mostly married men.

Mike began the conversation by asking if she can be in a relationship with a man who is married to her sister, she answered it without any hesitation.

“As long as he is taking care of men, I don’t mind,” she said. The other lady also responded; I can’t really count, but some of the guys I have dated are married. I just love to date married men. Being married is one of the qualities I look out for in a man as well as money to pay my bills.”

The video generated a lot of reactions on his Instagram page as many slammed him for coming up such a session on the internet asit seemingly designed to promote immorality. One of his critics was actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday who asked him about the onus of his program.

“You and this ur new style video, what exactly are you preaching,” she commented. The

Responding to the actress’s question, Mike stated that he is doing it for women to be careful about the kind of ladies they bring close to their matrimonial home. “For una to dey careful of the type of ladies bring close to ur home,” he replied.