Rapper Cardi B Reveals The Biggest Lie Ever Told

American rapper, Cardi B has taken to social media to reveal the biggest lie she was told in her life.

In a tweet she made on her official Twitter handle, Cardi B said that when she was a teenager, she was told that when she has intercourse with a man, her bum will increase but it is the biggest lie.

From her tweet, we can assume Cardi B said it is a lie because her experience of encountering men has not enlarged her backside after years of doing it.

Reacting to this, a lot of ladies alluded that it was the lie they were also told.

lolathebillionaire wrote; ‘Believe at your own risk and keep losing body count😂😂😂 bride price don dey reduce be dat’

olamiteebo; And they said you have to do it from the back too😩😂

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