How President Buhari picked me as Media Adviser out of three candidates – Femi Adesina



An insight has emerged how President Buhari arrived at the choice of Femi Adesina as his Media Adviser in 2015.

Adesina disclosed this in ‘From The Inside’, his weekly piece, with the title ‘Buhari, Osibanjo and the Bigotry Question.’

Just two weeks ago, someone who was in the inner caucus when President Buhari was putting together his team in 2015, told me a story. It went this way:

“When the President likes you, he just likes you. I remember in 2015, when they brought three names to him as possible media advisers. They were made of Christians and Muslims. He just brought out his pen, and marked your name. That was all.”

A media adviser is in the inner caucus. You can see your boss whenever you want to, and that was what the President told me the very day I resumed: “Adesina, ensure that nobody keeps you away from me. Whenever you want to see me, just come.”

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