How I Nearly Lost A Good Husband Because Of A Guy With A Range Rover- Lady Narrates Experiences

How I Nearly Lost A Good Husband Because Of A Guy With A Range Rover- Lady Narrates Experiences

I was at a wedding reception when a guy asked me, “Is someone sitting next to you?” I said, “No” without lifting my head to see who he was. He asked again, “Do you mind if I sit next to you?” I said, “Feel free.” When he sat down, he said, “Thank you.” In my head, I was like “What kind of respectful guy is that? Saying thank you because of a seat he could have taken without asking permission?” So I looked at him. He smiled. I smiled. He asked, “Are you here for the bride or for the groom?” In my head, I answered, “I’m here for the banku.” We were at the reception for food so why would he ask that? I answered, “I’m here for the bride. He’s a very good friend of mine.” He said, ”That’s good to know. I also came for the groom. He’s an old classmate.”

That begun a series of on and off conversations while watching the program rollout. When our table was called to go for the food he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get yours for you.” He didn’t even ask what I wanted. He came with Jollof and meat when actually I was targeting banku and tilapia. His kindness paid for his sins of choosing the wrong food. I forgave him.

When everything was said and done, he asked me, “Can we talk some other time?” I answered, “Oh sure, why not?” Then he asked for my number. I gave it out and he also gave me his number. We said bye-bye to each other and yet went in the same direction. I was standing in front of the church when this guy stopped in front of me in an all-black Range Rover. I was surprised for some seconds. I asked myself, “A guy his caliber could be this down to earth?” Then I said to myself, “No the car is for his father. He’s too young to own a car this big.”

He asked me, “Where are you going?” I told him where I was going. He said, “Then let me drop you where it would be easier for you to get a car home.” I didn’t think twice about it. I hopped in. Wow. The temperature was good. The music was soothing. The fragrance was just what I liked. Now I was the one asking the questions. I asked, ”So what kind of work should I do to be able to afford a car like this?” He laughed. I said, “Oh I’m serious. You’re quite young but you have been able to buy a car like this. It means I can also do it if only I find the right work to do.” He said, “

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