How A Simple Lack Of Basic Defensive Instinct Led To Manchester United’s Elimination From The UCL


Having gotten a good result in the first leg in Spain, Manchester United had the chance to get the desired results at Old Trafford and, having played well against Tottenham over the weekend, hopes were high the home team would stand a better chance, but at the end of 90 minutes, it was the away side who pulled up a shocker at Old Trafford after getting a 1-0 win and with that, Manchester United are out of the UCL yet again leaving them trophyless for another season.





The home side had a better start to the match and could have gone ahead from the Elanga chance but was denied by Oblak from close range and with the first half of the match coming to an end, Atletico scored a wonderful goal which was well finished by Lodi. That goal would happen to be the deciding one as, in the second half, United weren’t able to get past a solid Atletico defence who were brilliant all night.



For Manchester United, the goal that led to their elimination from the UCL was a simple basic defensive instinct. In the build-up to the goal, a top centre back would have sensed the danger of the 2 vs 1 Dalot being in and could have tracked Koke’s run. Instead, Maguire ran back in a straight line into the zone that was already occupied by Telles, leaving Dalot with a 2 vs 1 that meant Lodi was free. That was a poor defensive instinct from United and Elanga, not tracking back as well, didn’t cover himself in glory.





Atletico had a goal ruled out for offside and the goal they scored came via attacking the seam between the CB and the FB. If Maguire knew he was going to press into the midfield line, the backline had to do a better job compressing behind him as defending is a team effort that required players to be closed down and spaces need to be defended.





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