This social media user shared her side of the story in a recent post she made on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

The post she made reads;

“Hmmmm let me share my story too
My husband doesn’t know the reason why I changed …all he keeps on saying is I changed after we got married….but he doesn’t know I changed even b4 but was on a short notice.
My story goes like this….. dated my husband for about 3yrs b4 we got married….and I helped him a lot financially….I was using my money to buy shirts and shoes for him whilst schooling…my daddy was rich and my husband was from a very poor home …when I started working, I used my money for cooking for him,shopping for the house,gas and even fuel in his car ….I knew he salary wasn’t much cos he was building for his dad so wasn’t giving me anything as in money…we weren’t staying together tho ….anytime am broke I have to go into my investment even for him cos I lived saving a lot
About 6months to getting married I got to find out from his chat he was going out with lots of girls…and giving them money,even opening shop for one …hmmm I wasn’t out he begged including his family and I forgave him …since then I advised myself….during our wedding I didn’t add even a coin to it …he spent over 50,000 den about 6yrs ago . Fast forward after marriage I contribute nothing…he sat me down and said he realized av changed from who he used to know…I know more support him and av changed ever since we got married…I just told him I don’t have money…I work paa and I earn over 6,000gh take home but told him I earn below 2,000gh …I sometimes feel sad when he’s broke but me !!! Never again…He still doesn’t know it was as a result of what he did in the passed….ever since we got married I have never touched his phone…I don’t want to go through that pain again but if he’s still cheating I simply don’t care and he’s really taking very good care us ….I never knew he was this rich !! Me paa d333 to help a man financially never again!!!”