How pregnant woman who absconded with her helper’s N500k returned five years later to beg for forgiveness because ‘curses have been following her’

A Nigerian Twitter user has shared the story of a woman seeking forgiveness for absconding with N500, 000 accidentally sent to her by someone who wanted to help her.

The woman who fled with the money was said to be pregnant as at the time the incident happened and it was after she cried out for help on Facebook.

A Good Samaritan took pity on her and tried sending N50k but ended up transferring N500k. The pregnant lady then blocked her on all platforms and disappeared.

However, five years after that happened, she returned to beg for forgiveness, saying that she is under some heavy curses which have hindered her progress ever since.

According to the lady, she was hit with a terrible illness and despite visiting different hospitals, she has been unable to find appropriate treatment.

Sharing leaked screenshots of chat between the two women, @General_Oluchi who shared the story on Twitter wrote;

”A pregnant woman asked for help on Facebook page. A lady accidentally sent her 500k instead of 50k and the pregnant woman immediately blocked her everywhere so as not to refund her.

Five years later, the pregnant woman reappeared on a Facebook group asking people to beg the lady who sent her money for forgiveness because she thinks the lady laid curses on her.

She said she’s been terribly ill and have been taken to different places for treatment but her conscience bothers her.

The other lady said she didn’t curse her. People are asking her to forgive the pregnant lady.”

The other woman also released a statement insisting that she did not place any curse on the lady that disappeared with her N500k.

Read the woman’s statement:

Read the chat below:

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