Man finds out iPhone he bought in Lagos is Android, he storms the phone shop only to see them selling bread

A Nigerian man has recounted the time he bought an iPhone which turned out to be an Android upon reaching his house.

According to the guy known on Twitter as @unclebayotics, he bought the iPhone at a shop in Lagos six years ago, and tested it there. However when he got home, he realised that it had been swapped with an Android device.

He stormed the phone shop with his uncle to confront the seller, but they met an unbelievable sight that shocked him to his bones. The shop had been transformed, and rather than selling phones, he saw that they were now selling bread.

Taking to his Twitter account on March 12, he wrote; ”Today makes it six years that I went to buy iPhone in Lagos and I tested it there. The guy went inside to ‘pack’ it. When I got home, it was android.

My uncle asked me to take him there. He was ready to fight. When we got to the shop it was sliced bread they were selling there 😭 E come be like say I get mental problem. Na that day I wise for Lagos sha”

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Social media users also shared similar experiences.

@GFCLASSIS; I can never buy anything in those open markets after they scammed me. I go to recognised shops to buy my things. Many years ago at Alaba I bought a Phillips iron only to get home and a saw something else. Went there next day they denied they ever saw me. Me wey be Lagos man weak.

@ah_omo; Me and friend had this plan to go to slot and buy them we saw this road side guy holding the same phone we wanted to purchase at slot we just said we should buy at it since it’s lesser, we tested the phone it worked perfectly, then he put the phone inside white hankerchief……

He then assisted us to put it inside our bag he said we shouldn’t touch the phone yet😭on our way back as per say we just bought phone it was still sparking the guy’s head my guy said he should check the phone Naso we see kpako (wood) in shape of a phone wrapped in hankerchief 😭

@sammydahitz; Swears all this kind thing wey i no learn home in Naija, nah Ghana dey do am for me aswr, i don buy phone where a spot is open normally as a selling spot i checked the phone working perfectly cool but once i left there, tearing all the package dem do nah fake phone i buy e no on

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