Ekweremadu Announces Intention To Contest Governorship, Insists On No Zoning In The State.


Former deputy president of the senate, Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday made known his intention to contest the 2023 Governorship election in Enugu state.


Ekweremadu said there is nothing like zoning in the state. He challenged all those in support of zoning to show him proof of any official agreement on zoning in the state. He said there was never a time and place when the leaders sat down and agreed on zoning of governorship in the state.

Ekweremadu maintained that in as much as equity and justice is important, content and capacity should also be considered. Content and capacity he said will take the state to that great level it wants to be. He noted that he was a senator for five years. It wasn’t zoning that made that feasible. Rather his sufficient content and capacity did.

Ekweremadu mentioned that none of the governors ever had in Enugu state was elected on the basis of zoning. He said he is grateful that every part of Enugu state has witnessed Governorship except the people of Awgu.

Ekweremadu held that those canvassing for zoning are not being sincere, they have people they want to front for the governorship.

In a report by daily sun,the former deputy senate president said,

” In summary, nobody ever sat down to talk about zoning in Enugu State, but luckily we thank God that every part of Enugu State has witnessed governorship except the people of Awgu.”

“I don’t want to be a zonal governor. I want to be the Governor of Enugu State. Those talking of zoning are not sincere; they have people they are fronting as the next Governor of Enugu State.”

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