Man reports to his wife’s employer after finding out she’s having affair with 3 executives at her workplace, shares details of places they met and how much they paid her

A Kenyan man has gone the extra mile to expose his wife’s affairs with top officials at the bank where she works.

He reported to her employer of how she is cheating on him with three bank executives and despite his pleas for her to cease the amorous relationships or get transferred out of the branch, she insisted on continuing to see them.

The man wrote an official complaint to the bank and sent it via email, where he copied his wife and the three men in question.

He also shared screenshots of GPS locations showing places his wife met the men at different points in time, and bank statements proving that the men were giving her money.

The story was shared by a Twitter user who wrote; ”This dude wrote an official complaint to Corporative bank that his wife is sleeping with 3 top officials at the bank and provided mpesa statements and location details as evidence 🙆🏾‍♂️”

Interestingly, when his complaint was received and being investigated, he sent a follow-up email to the bank, stating that he has settled with his wife.

See screenshots below:


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