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“A Lady I Picked Turned Into A Giant Cobra In My Car ” – Man Shares His Scary Experience

The unidentified man revealed that he gave this stranded lady a lift at Shiashie when he was on his way home to Kasoa after closing from work.

According to the man, midway to their destination, at Lapaz, the lady turned into a snake. This terrifying scene forced the man to run out of his car.

Also, a young Ghanaian man raised eyebrows in a moving bus whilst on a journey from an undisclosed location to Madina in Accra.

However, from the conversation that ensued between the man and the bus conductor, it was revealed that he did not understand fully the bus he had boarded as he asked the conductor where the bus was heading to and he was told he was heading to Madina.

This did not augur well to the man as he thought he heard the bus was rather heading to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Immediately, he opted to alight as he realized he was on the wrong bus. Other passengers in the bus expressed shock and watched him in a way that suggests they were suspecting he was mentally not stable.

“What am I going to do in Madina, I thought this car was going to Dubai. When I heard you announcing out there, all I heard was you were going to the United Arab Emirates. Let me alight please,” he said.


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