A Kenyan woman has sparked a frenzy on the internet after she filmed herself heaping accolades on Nigerian men for their expertise in the bedroom department.

The unidentified lady said men from their geographic region, precisely East Africa care less about a woman’s satisfaction as the only thing that matters to them is humping themselves to ecstasy and leaving them to their own fate.

However, Nigerian men, she noted go the extra mile to please their women, and it’s for this reason that she’s singing praises to the whole world, She further said hinged on the foregoing, it becomes a delight to them (women) as they now feel obliged to walk up to them and demand intimacy with all pleasure.

She is heard saying in the video;

“This is a quick message from the East African girls to our Nigerian men. I don’t know where you get the idea that you come to us because you want to use us for pleasure. But let me break it to you, we come to you because we want you and want pleasure.

To be honest, our East African men have starved us. They don’t care if we are satisfied. They don’t care if we get an orgasm or not, but our Nigerian men care about our orgasm, care if we are satisfied and this is what we want.

That is why we are coming to you. I want when I am done, my legs will be shaking and trembling like a leaf on the tree. Who doesn’t want that? Sometimes we get tired in the process and we hang on to it because don’t want to let go.”