She shared this as she took to the opportunity to advice a lady who wants to take a loan for a man to marry her.

The post she made reads;

“Admi,I come in peace.
About e lady whose fiance is asking her to borrow him money so they marry nuu.
I advice she doesn’t dare do that.
I’m a victim. So he asked me to go for a loan so we get a new place coz where he lived didn’t fit his status. Hmm I did o,then I had to go for a top up for our marriage stuff.hmmmm. Been married for 4 years now n I tell you it’s been hell for me. We lived in different regions.If he had to visit ,I sometimes had to send him money for tnt.I was virtually taking care of him.Frim head to toe.Hmmmmm I thought things will get better but it got worst.Now he started this behaviour of monitoring me.He doesn’t call when he will be visiting. Sometimes he comes in e middle of e Then he hacked my phone,he got access to my payslip.hmmm hmmmm,He treated me like I was a slave.He gives me 100 gh for house upkeep .hmmm.A government worker o,we both are. He earned more than me after I took e loans. Hmmmm let me leave my story hanging .will revisit it. My sister ,don’t loan him any money.”