Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri, claims to have the antidote to the troubling menace of ritual murder and fraud that has besieged the country.

Reno Omokri in a recent post on his Instagram page suggested four ways he believes internet fraud and ritual killings in the country can be eradicated.

According to the former presidential aide, parents should stop seeing their children as a source of income and averred that women would have to avoid being transactional in relationships.

In his words he wrote:

For yahoo yahoo and rituals to stop in Nigeria, four things must occur:

1. Parents must stop having children as a form of pension for old age.

2. In-laws must stop seeing their daughter’s husband as an income source.

3. Nigerian women must stop being transactional in relationships, and seeing it as an entitlement to financial maintenance.

4. Ethnic nationalities that demand huge bride price must remove such repugnant aspects of their culture. If these four things don’t stop, yahoo and rituals won’t stop!

See screenshot below;