Olakunle Churchill has penned down a beautiful birthday message for his son King Churchill as he celebrates his first birthday telling him the joy he and his mother Rosy Meurer has brought into his life.

Olakunle Churchill has a son with Rosy Meurer and he named him King Churchill, today being his first birthday, has taken to social media to pen down some beautiful birthday messages to him letting the world know the joy he brought into his life.

According to him, the birth of his son brought gladness and he’s the patch of green in the desert of his existence and the spitting image of him and sometimes his emotions could be controlled whenever he beholds his presence.

Olakunle Churchill then made us understand that his wife and mother of his son Rosy Meurer brought happiness into his life and filled a vacuum in his heart and that’s why he cherishes bother of them very much because they brought nothing but joy to his life.

Olakunle Churchill after talking about the love he has for his wife and son didn’t forget to say a word of prayer for him praying he excels in all ramifications and that happiness always envelopes his life and the Lord grant him incomparable wisdom and knowledge.

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