Do You Think Putin Will Fail Like Hitler? 5 Reasons Why He Might Fail

Modern wars are turning out to be very different to the historic world wars from the early 20th century.


Yes, we still have infantry and ground warfare, but the biggest blows are virtual.

1. Economy Crippling Economic Sanctions Applied Against Russia

Economic sanctions, throttling Russia’s access to the world banking system, witholding essential weapons, tech/ other resources, will cripple the Kremlin. Japan has made sanctions on processor chips and other essential high tech to facilitate war equipment by 50%. On the other side, donations of war equipment such as ballistics are being provided to Ukraine by Germany. Other European countries and the US are supporting Ukraine and witholding from Russia.

The impact of sanctions are immediately rising costs for all resources in Russia, from food, to petrol, to any good you can think of. The incidental and secondary pressures felt are exerted on the government by way of it having to rely on its war reserves more and more, making them a weakened state in future should they need to draw upon this diminished fund to prevent other attackers or to offset unforeseen world-impacting events. The longer the war continues, the more money is used up, the more unstable the future of Russia as their buffer against dangerous future events reduces. The next exerted pressure on the Kremlin is the impact of these sanctions on the general mood and tendencies of its own people. With rising costs, more anger will erupt and more dissent from its own people, which will add distraction and danger to the government from within its own country. The more army/ police resource they must expend to subdue the angry populus, the more expense, and the more distraction. Russia is destabilised from within and without. Potentially, from withing being the bigger danger.

2.Travel bans and sanctions

Secondly, travel bans and sanctions on major access routes. I believe several russian ships have been detained for entering sea space that they are no longer free to enter on account of the governments actions. There are strategic straits, I believe by turkey (I cannot remember the name) which are now blocked. Most countries are no longer allowing flights in and out of Russia. Russian planes are not allowed to land in most countries. Impact to airline business will be felt on top of other economic sanctions. These travel restrictions will impact the ability for Russia to enter various strategic positions which would allow them to gain the upper hand over Ukraine, and they are being hit in both sea and air business by total restriction.

Russia’s only gambit is that it controls a huge portion of oil wealth which most of Europe and further out rely upon for a vast range of normal services. If Russia cuts supply in retaliation, the world will see catastrophic price hikes in energy bills, petrol costs and other related industries by way of ripple effect.

That being said, the long term effect of cutting gas supply to the rest of the world would be serverely detrimental to Russia’s economy as they would have no trade outside and effectively become a mercantilist oil state. This serves nobody in the long run and only harms Russia, albeit not as immediately as it would other parts of the world.

3.Cyber warfare By AnonymousTowards Russian Government

Anonymous have anounced that they will be launching cyber attacks on the Russian government and its related vested entities. Cyber warfare will be a deciding factor in the turning of victory. Where shells and missiles were the original deciders, those who can most quickly overwhelm access to communications and access to important services which run the every day activities of developed countries, stand to gain dominance.

4. Very Determined Ukrainians In Protecting Their Country

The first is the Ukrainians. They are fighting fiercely for their country. Other countries are providing assistance such as Latvia who sent Stinger missiles and cash to Ukraine. Other countries are following Latvia’s example.


5. Internal Resistance From Russian Citizens Towards The War

The other important source is internal. There are many Russians opposed to the war and Putin. They are protesting what is happening. Putin will fail not only because of the Ukrainians but because of his fellow Russians.

These are not the wars of historical knowledge, though a dictator does rise again to wreak havoc on the world stage. I find great hope in the cooperation of global powers in their pursuit of financial attrition, technological guerilla warfare, and organised travel restrictions. You can’t kill a weed while its roots lay in the ground. Take away it’s food, take away it’s soil, then, what root can grow? So, Putin, I feel that you are about to meet the ungraceous snuffing that befalls any ugly weed in a beautiful garden. Prepare for your uprooting on the world stage. You have earned a swift and severe dose of weed killer and we unite to teach all those who would take what is not theirs what may happen when they suggest to spread outside their bounds with grasping tendrils. There are many ways to kill a weed and we will use all of them until you wither and fail.

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